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What is diversity

Diversity is a broad subject, with legislation covering race, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or belief and working practices. Partially as a result, many organisations perceive it as a compliance or equality opportunities issue that can result in it not being given the attention it requires to enhance results and achieve a virtuous circle © of benefits.

There are many definitions, but a quote (from Skapinker 2001) by the Proctor and Gamble CEO Alan Laffey provides some proof of the potential as experienced by a major international organisation:

“A diverse organisation will out-think, out-innovate and out-perform a homogenous organisation every single time”

With the spending power of diverse consumers exceeding £100 billion, can you afford to ignore the potential opportunities from this market?

To revise your existing diversity programme into one which can provide benefits, or to commence making diversity work for your business, contact Richard Purser at for an initial discussion.