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Diversity Resources

Diversity Dimension provides a range of services to support client engagement with the many varied communities in the UK.

Our consultancy support assists clients across private, public and voluntary sectors with the development from conception to delivery of strategies to incorporate diversity into their organisation.

This may be an organisation wide strategy or could take a variety of functional support formats, from supporting Human Resources with widening the potential employee base, assisting the Corporate Social Responsibility team with community related needs, or identifying new potential customers for a Marketing Department.

Our approach is to listen to your needs and develop solutions which add value, with a track record of demonstrating results from our virtuous circle© of benefits:

Our audit support concentrates on assessing the policy and procedural requirements for equality and diversity, or may relate to an evaluation of the demographics of the employee or customer base compared to a catchment area. This can represent the initial building block in developing a strategy to deliver business benefits.

Our training interventions are developed on a bespoke basis to take account of the sector of operation, local demographics and any specific issues that our clients are experiencing. The small amount of additional time taken to prepare specific material ensures that it is relevant to the individual needs of a client.

For legal clients, our training has been accredited as a CPD provider from the Solicitors Regulation Authority, providing CPD points to attendees.

To arrange a no obligation initial discussion on how we may be able to assist with your organisational requirements, email us on